September 2015

Sandra will be travelling in Colombia from October 2015 to March 2016. Please follow her trip on her blog

Maripaz Jaramillo's pop up exhibition at Coya's restaurant

Maripaz Jaramillo's pop up exhibition at Coya's restaurant

ELLAS is a pop-up exhibition by renowned Colombian artist Maripaz Jaramillo currently exhibited at Coya’s Private Members Club. You can visit the Exhibition during Coya’s Pisco Bar opening hours: Monday to Sunday, between 12pm and 1am.

The world conjured up by Maripaz Jaramillo is an intoxicating mix of femininity, popular culture and art historical references. Born in1948 in Manizales, Colombia, she attended the Fine Art School at the University of the Andes between 1968 and 1973. Maripaz studied fashion design for a brief time in London before enrolling at the Chelsea College of Art in 1978, returning to Bogota the same year, where she now resides.

It is the woman figure which has reigned sovereign in Maripaz’s paintings since the very beginning. Maripaz’s women have been at some moments broken and in pain, at others joyful and full of hope. From the 80‘s onwards, bright colours and light itself took over Jaramillo’s production depicting the pleasures of love, of dancing, of feeling at ease with one’s own body as depicted in ELLAS.

This exhibition of recent works is formed by six paintings from the series Ellas, a group of sensuous portraits of women depicted in exuberant colours and raw lines which, applied to flat green backgrounds, bring to mind the iconic Pop portraits of Andy Warhol. But Jaramillo has always maintained her penchant for expressionistic techniques, evident in the unaturalistic skin hues and exaggerated facial features of her protagonists.

Besos depict loving couples sharing kisses and hugs. Las Estrellas, shows an orchestra ensemble in the midst of a dancing and singing session, while Rumba and Salsa capture the joy of live Salsa music, another of Jaramillo’s most enduring passions.

Maripaz Jaramillo is one of Colombia’s most distinguished artists. Her work is in many international museums as well as private collections.

Carlos Jacanamijoy with Prince Charles

Carlos meets Prince Charles at a reception at the British Embassy in November 2014.

‘Jacanamijoy: a reflection on racism’

Jacanamijoy: a reflection on racism
Photo taken in Santiago, Putumayo. The Jacnamijoy family with Sandra Higgins who represents the artist in London. August 2014

We invite you to join us for a very important event presented for the first time in London by the distinguished indigenous Colombian artist Maestro Carlos Jacanamijoy: the screening of his self-produced documentary "Jacanamijoy: a reflection on racism", a moving meditation on his personal experience of discrimination. Carlos is one of the most exciting artists emerging from what is itself becoming one of the most exciting art scenes in the world, Bogotá, Colombia. Come and be at the forefront of the new artistic attitude and political consciousness which informs his work.

Thursday 4th December
18.30 - 20.30 (screening at 19.00)
Colombian Consulate General in London
Ground and 3rd Floor, Westcott House, 35 Portland Place, London W1B 1AE
Please RSVP by 27th November:

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An album of photos taken with Carlos Jacanamijoy in Putumayo

During her trip to Colombia this past August, Sandra Higgins accompanied Carlos Jacanamijoy and filmmaker Lorena Cervera to his birthplace in Santiago, Putumayo in the south-western region of Colombia near the boarder with Ecuador. The visit to his family home was an inspirational journey which provided Sandra and Lorena with original insights about the Colombian artist, his family and the flora and fauna which inform his paintings. This information will form the basis of “The Jacanamijoy’s Cosmovision” (a documentary which Sandra Higgins is producing due to be launched later this year). Watch the photo album on Discover Art Now

Successful event at Ofelia Rodriguez's Whitechapel studio

A conversation exploring the work and career of Ofelia Rodriguez in her London studio with the participation of Professor Dawn Ades, Rurik Ingram - Ofelia’s husband - and her London gallerist Sandra Higgins.

Visits to Ofelia Rodriguez's studio are available on request. Contact

“Ofelia Rodríguez works in a fluid visual language that ignores the artistic hierarchies of ‘high’ and ‘low’ and forges an original links between the exhuberant traditions of Latin America,the ephemeral seductions of mass culture, the modernist wit of Pop Art ad the energies of the dada readymade and the surrealist object”. - Dawn Ades

An Indian dreaming from inside a mountain, Mixed Media on canvas, 184.5 x 80.5 cm, 2008.
Ofelia Rodríguez’s career spans 40 years during which she has materialised an extraordinary artistic vision through paintings, sculptures, drawings and prints of vibrant colours that incorporate everyday objects such as brushes, scissors and sewing needles as well as printed fabrics, stuffed exotic animals, plastic airplanes and dolls.

Her use of figurative elements, connected by strange associations and embedded in fantastic backgrounds, results in an artistic production that is unequivocally Latin and yet universal, possessed by a passionate primitivism that appeals to all sorts of public. Her works, like beautiful, thorny, flowers, manage to be simultaneously playful and acid, tender and feisty.

Rodríguez studied for her BA at the prestigious University of Los Andes (Bogota) between 1964 and 1969, completing an MFA at Yale under the tutelage of Al Held and Lester Johnson in 1972.

At the time, the cycle of Pop Art was coming to an end, but Rodriguez grabbed its remaining energy and subversive power and - combining it with a Latin take on Surrealism - developed the unique style that underpins her whole oeuvre, making her one of Colombia’s most recognized and recognizable artist, both locally and internationally.

After a period in Paris, Rodríguez settled in London in 1984, where she resided until 2013, when she returned permanently to Cartagena. Her studio in Whitechapel, where she has worked for the last ten years, has been left intact since her departure, like a time capsule that bears witness to her creative process. On the 26th of June 2014, Rodríguez’s UK dealer Sandra Higgins will open the doors of the studio to a selected group of guests, who will have the opportunity to observe first hand the space where Rodriguez crafted some of her best known pieces, amongst artworks, tools and artistic materials.

This special occasion will be accompanied by an introductory talk by Professor Dawn Ades in which she will discuss the work produced by Ofelia Rodríguez during her London years. Over the past two years Rodríguez has been honoured with three major retrospectives in Santa Marta, Cartagena (Colombia), as well as at the Consulate General of Colombia in London, which was curated by Sandra Higgins and opened by the Colombian Ambassador, Mauricio Rodriguez.


Among other highlights of her career, Rodríguez won the 31st Salón Nacional de Artistas, Colombia’s most prestigious art prize, and has exhibited at the Sao Paulo Biennale, the 5th Havana Biennale and the 2nd Biennale of Santo Domingo. She has also exhibited in the Haus der Kulturen, Berlin, Art Basel Miami, Latin American Arts Association in London and the Grand Palais in Paris.

Dawn Ades is a Fellow of the British Academy, Professor of the History of Art at the Royal Academy and was awarded a CBE in 2013 for her services to art history. She has been responsible for some of the most important exhibitions in London and overseas over the past thirty years, including the recent Hannah Höch retrospective at the Whitechapel Gallery, Dada and Surrealism Reviewed, Art in Latin America and Francis Bacon.

Most recently she organised the highly successful exhibition to celebrate the centenary of Salvador Dalí at the Palazzo Grassi in Venice (2004) The Colour of my Dreams: The Surrealist Revolution in Art, at the Vancouver Art Gallery (2011), and was Associate Curator for Manifesta 9 (2012). She has published standard works on photomontage, Dada, Surrealism, women artists and Mexican muralists.

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Attacking an Injured Heart, Mixed Media on canvas,
116x91cms, 2008


Magic Box with Banker Pondering Whether to Turn Cowboy, Mix media.

Radio Gorgeous interview with Sandra Higgins about Maripaz Jaramillo

Colombian artist Maripaz Jaramillo returns to London for a solo show at the Sandra Higgins Art Gallery. She talks to Donna about the changes in her life that have brought about radical changes in her art work. She is both unabashedly feminist and sensual. Sandra Higgins tells us about travelling alone through Colombia why she has moved into representing South American artists. Donna and Josephine discuss their misspent youth as would be rebels – or in Josephine’s case – scapegoat!

Maripaz Jaramillo- Ellas (Them) - Colombian Artist on Gorgeous Gossip with Josephine & Donna by Radio_Gorgeous on Mixcloud

Sandra Higgins brings a programme of Colombian art to London during Spring and Summer 2014


The London-based art advisor and curator Sandra Higgins has spent nearly two years traveling to Colombia to visit galleries, artists’ studios and art fairs – a research process documented in her Discover Art Now blog – and is now using her expertise to promote Colombian art in London. Higgins’ long-held interest in Colombian art started in 1987 when she worked with art patron Delfina Entrecanales CBE as administrator of her renowned Delfina Studios Trust foundation. It was then that she met the Colombian artist Ofelia Rodriguez, who was artist in residence at the foundation at the time. In 1990, when Higgins opened her Mayfair gallery, she became Rodriguez’s UK dealer. Rodriguez has a career spanning 40 years, in which her latin-surrealist sculptures and paintings have been celebrated both in Europe and Latin America.

Ofelia Rodriguez, Gazing at the World while Hanging from the Sky, mixed media (2009)


During the months of May and June Higgins will exhibit the work of Maripaz Jaramillo and Carlos Jacanamijoy, as well as hosting a special event in the studio of Ofelia Rodriguez. These three artists are key figures in the Colombian art scene and for Jaramillo and Jacanamijoy these will be their first solo exhibitions in the UK, so it is a unique opportunity to introduce their work to the London audience.

The irresistible rise of Colombian art has been unstoppable in the last decade, with new art galleries opening, public and private museums being established, and a number of art fairs and biennials being launched by its growing community of artists, collectors and curators. The strength gained by the Colombian art market is currently visible in the figure of Oscar Murillo, a Colombian-born, Londonbased artist who in just a couple of years has gone from relative anonymity to being one of the most sought-after living artists, fetching six figure prices and represented by a roster of blue-chip galleries. In addition, last week it was announced that Colombia will be the guest country at ARCO Madrid Art Fair in 2015, which confirms the vitality and breadth of its influence in the contemporary art scene.

Maripaz Jaramillo in front of her mural at the Museum of de Medellin Univertsity of Colombia (2014)
Higgins’ Colombian Art Salon programme will start in her Chelsea space with an exhibition of the work of Maripaz Jaramillo, which will run from the 27th of May to the 20th of June 2014. Higgins will also host a reception attended by the artist on the 10th of June, coinciding with PINTA Art Fair. Since the 70s, Jaramillo has tirelessly explored the complexities of the female universe through exuberant paintings that combine Pop and expressionistic techniques. For her first solo exhibition in London, Jaramillo will present Ellas, a series of portraits of women who are empowered and unabashedly sexual, but do not reject their vulnerability. These paintings are captivating in their use of bold colours and soft lines, as erotic and suggestive as the figures they contain. Their mood is celebratory, depicting the joys of love and everyday life, but seen from a feminist perspective.

As Jaramillo herself has explained: “I decided to do this series to honour contemporary women. Women who are more open to the wor ld and enjoy more possibilities thanks to the everyday battles fought by other women that came before them.” Jaramillo’s paintings invite the viewer to look at them closely, so that the textures of bodies, clothes and backgrounds can be admired. Her work poses a fascinating dialogue between a range of male-dominated avant-garde influences (from Fauvism to Pop) and feminist ideas.

Jaramillo was commissioned to paint the portrait of the Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos and has recently completed a mural for the museum of the Medellin University in Colombia. Jaramillo studied with Stanley William Hayter in Paris and with Luis Camnitzer in Italy, as well as undertaking postgraduate studies at Chelsea College of Art, London. She has exhibited widely and internationally, including the Museum of Contemporary Art in Bogota, Museum of Modern Art of Monterrey, Mexico, FIAC, Grand Palais, Paris, XIII Paris Biennale, Latin American Biennial in Cuenca, Ecuador, Queens Museum in New York and Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro.

From the 25th of June to the 18th of July 2014, Higgins will exhibit the work of Carlos Jacanamijoy. The exhibition, titled Yellow wind and root of the wind tree, will bring together four recent paintings that follow Jacanamijoy’s acclaimed major retrospective at MAMBO, Bogota’s Museum of Modern Art, which took place in late 2013. There will be works from that exhibition, as well as new works never seen before.

Over the last 20 years, the “Maestro Jaca” (Master Jaca), as he is known in Colombia, has steadily built a strong reputation based on his abstract paintings, which depict landscapes inspired by the Colombian tropical rainforest where he grew up. The surreal and oneiric quality of Jacanamijoy’s work is largely informed by the rites and spiritual beliefs of the Inga community, the indigenous ethnic group he belongs to. The paintings express the way in which a modern-day Inga envisions the mysterious interactions of the natural world with the spiritual powers of the indigenous world. His works, thus, beautifully connect ancient traditions with contemporary sensibilities.

Jacanamijoy explores the specific questions of landscape and memory with vibrant colours and a shamanic view of nature, using native symbols to express a personal universe. These graphemes, which appear in each of his painting, constitute a large pictorial vocabulary that create a ‘reading’ experience that brings out the sensuality of his colours Jacanamijoy has exhibited internationally, including at the Smithsonian, Washington DC, the Museum of Modern Art Miami, the Colombian Embassy in Washington DC, the United Nations Palace in Geneve, Museum of Tel Aviv and PINTA Latin America, New York.
Sandra Higgins and Carlos Jacanamijoy in front of Corazon Rejoj,
during his major retrospective at MAMBO (Museum of Modern
Art Bogota) in 2013


On the 26th of June 2014, Higgins will open the door s of the Whitechapel studio of the artist Ofelia Rodriguez to a selected group of guests, who will have the opportunity to observe first hand the space where Rodriguez crafted some of her best known pieces, some of which will also be on display. This special occasion will be accompanied by an introductory talk by Professor Dawn Ades in which she will discuss the work produced by Rodriguez during her London years (where she was based between 1984 and 2013). Over the past two years Rodriguez has been honoured with three major retrospectives in Santa Marta, Cartagena (Colombia), as well as at the Consulate-General of Colombia in London, which was curated by Ofelia Rodriguez in her studio at Whitechapel, London Sandra Higgins and Carlos Jacanamijoy in front of Corazon Rejoj, during his major retrospective at MAMBO (Museum of Modern Art Bogota) in 2013 Higgins. It was attended by a large number of visitors and was opened by the Colombian Embassador, Mauricio Rodriguez.

Ofelia Rodriguez in her studio at Whitechapel, London


Among other highlights of her career, Rodriguez won the 31st Salón Nacional de Artistas, Colombia’s most prestigious art prize, and has exhibited at the Sao Paolo Biennale, the 5th Havana Biennale and the 2nd Biennale of Santo Domingo. She has also exhibited in the Haus der Kulturen, Berlin, Art Basel Miami, Latin American Arts Association in London and the Grand Palais in Paris.

Dawn Ades is a Fellow of the British Academy, Professor of the History of Art at the Royal Academy and was awarded a CBE in 2013 for her services to art history. She has been responsible for some of the most important exhibitions in London and overseas over the past thirty years, including the recent Hannah Höch retrospective at the Whitechapel Gallery, Dada and Surrealism Reviewed, Art in Latin America and Francis Bacon. Most recently she organised the highly successful exhibition to celebrate the centenary of Salvador Dalí at the Palazzo Grassi in Venice (2004) The Colour of my Dreams: The Surrealist Revolution in Art, at the Vancouver Art Gallery (2011), and was Associate Curator for Manifesta 9 (2012) . She has published standard works on photomontage, Dada, Surrealism, women artists and Mexican muralists.

Sandra Higgins in her Art Salon in Chelsea, London, with
works by Ofelia Rodriguez in December 2011.
It is a great personal pleasure for me to exhibit and highlight the works of these three distinguished Colombian artists in London this June. To me they exhibit, each in their own way, what I find so invigorating about the country: its energy, vibrancy and artistic talent bursting onto the international scene as never before.
Sandra Higgins, May 2014

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26 January 2014South America

I will be leaving this weekend for Latin America, where I will spend a month exploring the art scene of Bogota (1-4 and 19-22 Feb), Cartagena de Indias (29 Jan-1 Feb and 5-10 Feb), Sao Paulo (12-15 Feb) and Rio de Janeiro (15-18 Feb).

I will keep you updated with the latest news and pictures of my trip through Discover Art Now and my Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. I would like to turn Discover Art Now into a two way conversation and offer you the chance to get actively involved in what I am doing so, if you have any suggestions about where to go, what to see in any of these cities, artists or art museums and special collections please feel free to leave a comment and let me know.

While there, I will attend the Hay Festival and the opening weekend of the 1st Biennial of Contemporary Art of Cartagena de Indias, showcasing the work of more than 110 national and international artists, visit both new and established art galleries. I will be meeting with well known local artists whom I currently represent in London such as Carlos Jacanamijoy, Maria De La Paz Jaramillo, Ofelia Rodriguez and Guillermo Lo soño

While I am away we are business as usual, so you may still visit Richard Walker’s ‘Rip It Up & Start Again’ at Gallery Petit (viewing by appt.) or send any inquiries to my assistants and

Hasta luego!
Sandra Higgins

Sandra Higgins featured in 'Rise Art'

Sandra Higgins featured in 'Rise Art'“For me as I have said and as you can see by my own collection…collect what you like, however, personally I am still drawn to Latin American art and see it as becoming very ‘collectable’ in the future.”

Rise Art features SANDRA HIGGINS in their LATEST ARTICLE ‘How To Start Your Own Art Collection’, by Charlotte Broomfield

Read the full feature here

Radio Gorgeous interview with Sandra Higgins

Sandra Higgins discusses her salon space, Gallery Petit, on RADIO GORGEOUS.

Sandra Higgins featured on State Media Magazine

Sandra Higgins featured on State Media Magazine‘Located in an apartment off the Fulham Road, Higgins, an art historian by training and an experienced gallerist, curates her international programme of events supported by regular ‘hot ticket’ Private View parties.’
--- Mike von Joel

Sandra Higgins featured in STATE MEDIA MAGAZINE article on women who ‘truly represent the DNA of British art and its essential spirit’[...] for whom the term ‘pioneer’ is something of an understatement.’

Read the full article here

Autumn 2013 Newsletter

Summer 2013 Newsletter

Dan Llywelyn Hall in conversation with Vincent DowdDan Llywelyn Hall in conversation with Vincent Dowd

We are pleased to announce that Dan Llywelyn Hall’s portrait of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II., was unveiled today at 11:45 am in Cardiff. The renowned Welsh artist, who was awarded The Sunday Times Young Artist of the Year in 2003 and subsequently shortlisted for the BP Portrait Award in 2009, is represented by Sandra Higgins, the owner of Gallery Petit, Chelsea, London. Unveiled by First Minister Carwyn Jones, the Welsh Rugby Union-commissioned portrait will be placed on public display in the Millennium Stadium, accompanied by preparatory studies.

Following a sitting with the Queen late last year at Windsor Castle, the finished portrait is an imposing three-quarter study, painted on a 5ft by 4ft canvass in an expressionist style. The image is literally larger than life and Llywelyn Hall says he was particularly keen to reflect the humanity of his subject.

“To have been granted a sitting with the Queen is an ambition fulfilled and it has been an enormous privilege to be asked to create this work,” says Llywelyn Hall. “As anyone who has ever met Her Majesty will know, it is simply awe inspiring to be in her presence and I wanted to relay that feeling as well as showing the very human side to the Queen’s personality."

Llywelyn Hall discussed the atmosphere at the sitting with Her Majesty in a conversation with BBC Radio commentator Vincent Dowd at a private reception held at Gallery Petit on Wednesday 17th April. To listen to the interview, please follow this link: or watch it below.

The interview was in conjunction with Dan Llywelyn Hall’s most recent solo exhibition Vantage Point held at Sandra Higgins’s Gallery Petit in London’s Chelsea from 21st March till 19th April. For more information regarding Llywelyn Hall’s background, please see the press release accompanying the show:

Images of these events are available upon request.

For a review of Vantage Point exhibition, please follow:

For any further information and to view other works by the artist, please email or call 020 7244 7194 or 07721 741 107

Catalogues accompanying Vantage Point exhibition are available through

Future shows by the artist in collaboration with Sandra Higgins will include Portrait of the Pen: portraits of contemporary writers, poets, bloggers, children’s authors, novelists, art critics and their responses to their portrait. (Date to be announced.) In 2014, plans are being made for an exhibition of paintings and etchings informed by the poetry of Dylan Thomas to celebrate the centenary of the poet’s birth.

March 2013 Newsletter

Sandra Higgins Newsletter Archive

Read Sandra's past newsletters here:


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Dan Llywelyn HallSandra Higgins is delighted to present an exhibition of work by

Vantage Point (Gallery Petit, Chelsea, London)
21 March - 12 April

This unique exhibition will showcase landscape paintings by renowned Welsh artist Dan Llywelyn Hall, accompanied by previously unseen studies for his recent portrait of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. The show is in conjunction with the anticipated Cardiff unveiling of the artist’s portrait of the Queen, commissioned by the Welsh Rugby Union.

Dan Llywelyn Hall graduated from the University of Westminster in 2003 and in the same year was awarded The Sunday Times Young Artist of the Year prize. Subsequently, he was shortlisted for the BP Portrait Award in 2009 and since then has continued to attract collectors from a variety of museums, public institutions, corporations as well as private individuals. Llywelyn Hall’s portraits of First World War veterans Henry Allingham and Harry Patch were recently displayed at Windsor Castle and are now a permanent feature in the Royal Collection. The Cardiff born artist also currently has work on display at the National Gallery of Wales, the Imperial War Museum (London), the House of Lords, BT’s corporate collection, Barclays’ corporate collection, the Museum of Modern Art Wales and the Contemporary Art Society of Wales.

Dan Llywelyn Hall Catalogue available here

To see a selection of Llywelyn Hall's works, click here
To download the full press release, click here

'New Possibilities' Talk

Discover Art NowIf you missed my talk on the 'New Possibilities' exhibition at the Piper Gallery, you now have the chance to hear a part of it online via Regular Arts Magazine on ZoneOne Radio. Listen below or click here


Discover Art Now

Discover Art NowTo discover new and established artists whose work really must be seen, head over to my new website!


Thoughts on Abstract Art Talk

As part of Fitzrovia Lates, Sandra Higgins will be giving at talk at The Piper Gallery entitled Thoughts on Abstract Art on Thursday 29th November, at 7pm.

This talk will provide the perfect background to the show that Sandra is co-curating with the Piper Gallery:

New Possibilities: Abstract Paintings from the Seventies
The Piper Gallery, 18 Newman Street, London W1T 1PE
16 November - 21st December

Thoughts on Abstract Art Talk

Barrie Cook, Courting Colour

Exhibition at the Newman Street Gallery
18 Newman Street, London W1T 1PE
(Lower ground gallery)

The show at Newman Street Gallery will close on the 11th of August but will reopen on the 4th of September in the presence of the artist.


Sandra Higgins with the artist Roberto Rabanne at Forman's GalleryJuly - August 2012
"In the Rings with Ali"
A retrospective Exhibition celebrating the 70th birthday of

A new Private View will be held on the 23rd of August.
Those wishing to attend should contact Sandra for an invitation

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On the right: Sandra Higgins with the artist Roberto Rabanne at Forman's Gallery


The Grey Line Project: The line of twilight
Joan Edlis

The Grey Line Project: The line of twilightExhibition 19 June - 15 July 2012

Gallery Petit
46 Harcourt Terrace
London SW10 9JR

"German Romanticism: a heightened sensitivity to the natural world ... a passion for the indeterminate, the obscure, the faraway; a desire that the self be lost in nature's various infinities." Joseph Leo Koerner, Casper David Friedrich

Joan Edlis explores the gravitational relationship between the sun and the earth with a series of drawings, diagrams, objects and sound installations. In her new show The Line Of Twilight, Joan's work possesses a powerful sense of the relations of elements in space, the result is a compelling harmony of simple form, colour, texture and space, that exudes a delicate peacefulness.

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Helen O'Keefe "Mirror Images"

"Mirror Images is a pleasurable wave of colour under the leaden sky of London; surely not to miss."
1883 Magazine | Read the full review here

"...wonderfully colourful, multi dimensional works"
Volt Magazine | Read the full review here


July - August 2012
"In the Rings with Ali"
A retrospective Exhibition celebrating the 70th birthday of

MUHAMMAD ALII am pleased to act as the Curator of 'In the Rings with Ali', in collaboration with the photographer and Creative Director, Christina Jansen, on a major exhibition of photographs, art works, memorabilia, audio and video installations, text and poetry to mark Muhammad Ali's 70th birthday. The exhibition will be shown at Forman's Smokehouse Gallery which is adjacent to the Olympic site. Christina and I will organise the installation and liaise with the artists who will exhibit at the show.

Along with the show, we have teamed up with ex-professional boxer, Oliver Wilson on an exciting outreach program he has created himself called 'The Ultimate School School Contender'. The Ultimate School Contender aims to ‘Promote and Improve – Positive Attitudes, Behaviour, Attendance, Tolerance of others and a Healthy Life style of Young People in School.’ Oliver's program shares the same positive ethos in developing our future generations that Christina and I believe compliments Muhammad Ali's positive drive and outlook. This will become a lasting legacy in his memory.

This is a wonderful opportunity during the Olympics and we are excited to keep moving forward! Details of the exhibition and the outreach program will be updated regularly on:

Facebook Twitter Blog

Sandra Higgins, Curator
Christina Jansen, Creative Director

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Oliver Wilson and Sandra Higgins
at Forman's Smokehouse Gallery
Christina Jansen and Muhammad Ali in 1986



26 March 2012
Patricia Poullain PURE PAINTING: April 18 - May 12 2012

Joe Hesketh's new studioPrivate View, Wednesday, April 18 6pm to 9pm
Grace Teshima Gallery
46 rue des Abbesses
Paris, 75018

RSVP for door code

Download the invite (English and French)



26 March 2012
Patricia Poullain: Video and Interview


6 March 2012
Sandra Higgins and Joe Hesketh

Sandra Higgins and Joe Hesketh interviewed by Jenny Runacre


5 March 2012
Joe Hesketh: Escapism, Anger and Destiny. Announcement of Private Reception 14 March 2012 London

Joe Hesketh's new studioSandra Higgins and Simon Desmond are proud to present the work of Northern Artist Joe Joe Hesketh at her first London venue. This exhibition compliments an existing Arts Council show now touring in the North of England which consists of five large scale works by Hesketh  in remembrance of the 400th anniversary of the Pendle Witch Executions. This is a subject close to her heart having lived in this area all her life.

The work which will be shown is the social documentation of a young woman surviving in working class England. Hesketh, an artist working in an expressionistic style addresses strong themes of sexuality, abuse and chauvinism. The pictures are international in their outlook following a timeless tradition of artistic commentary on the present state of humanity.

Sandra Higgins is an Independent Art Advisor and Curator who deals with individual clients, corporations and institutions.  She has recently begun a series of Private Receptions to introduce the work of outstanding artists in her small gallery/salon in relaxed atmosphere which invites dialogue between the artist and client. Joe Hesketh’s show is the second in this series.

Simon W. Desmond is an Artist's Agent and Dealer in Modern British and Contemporary Art. Working alongside the most creative and dynamic artists in Britain today, Simon works closely with Dealers and Institutions in the genesis of artist's careers.



24 January 2012
Joe Hesketh's new studio

Joe Hesketh's new studioA photo of Sandra Higgins' preliminary visit to Joe Hesketh's new studio near Preston, developing plans for an up and coming show in London to be announced soon.



16 & 17 December 2011
The Chateau de Blavou Presents Selected works by Patricia Poullain
To preview her Retrospective Exhibition to be held at Grace Teshima Gallery, Paris 18th April until the 12th of May

Patricia Poullain"A propos of explaining one’s art…
I can put into words my aims and methods. For instance I am working on a flat, white plain. I am not trying to deceive the eye, perhaps to tease it a little. My own eye is certainly exercised a great deal as I stare at my canvas. I am fascinated with the backward forward movement of colours, also their very pronounced reactions to each other. Together with the use of the space and the balance of proportions, there is a whole world to work on. I change and change again colours from more to less saturation or vice versa. I re-work the forms and their proportions. Always bearing in mind that Matisse said ‘Plus c’est plat, plus c’est beau’. The more it is flat the more it is beautiful. And we are not out to trick the eye into seeing an illusion of depths or any kind of virtuoso. An artist needs to set himself limitations and remain as personal and identifiable as a signature." Patricia Poullain 2011

Patricia Poullain is of French nationality. She graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. Her first job in theatre  was in Dundee, Scotland where she spent some time as an assistant to the well-known scenic artist, Kathleen Ankers. Patricia later, married a French United Nations official whom she met while acting as a guide at the UN. Her husband was posted to Korea  where Patricia then studied art with Korean painter, Lee Se Duk, who became curator of the Sonje Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul, and who introduced her to abstract painting. 

While living in New York, Patricia attended courses at the Art Student’s League and participated in a number of group shows such as: Art Directions 1959; Galerie Felix Vercel “Women Painters of France”, 1960; [Vercel’s gallery on Madison Avenue represented Fautrier and Vieira da Silva at that time] Explorer Gallery, 1961 and in 1963 her work was accepted by a jury including Larry Rivers and Ad Reinhardt for the 21st Annual Oil Competition at the Village Art Center in Greenwich Village.  

In 1964 La Maison Francaise of New York University gave her a one-man show. She participated in the  Annual UN Art Exhibition for the benefit of UNICEF which was held in the lobby of the UN building in New York every year from 1962 to 1967. [This time in New York was significant in art history when the great abstractionists such as Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, Robert Motherwell etc. were making a mark. In 1965 the Museum of Modern Art held the exhibition known as “The Responsive Eye” with Frank Stella, Bridget Riley and others. “Op Art” made a big impression on Patricia Poullain and influenced her work significantly.]

Returning  with her husband to live in France she exhibited works in group shows in Cagnes-sur-Mer and Tourettes-sur-Loup in the 70’s. Now living in Normandy she was included in the 12th Rencontre des Arts Plastiques in Nogent-le–Rotrou in 2003. ‘In addition Patricia has exhibited frequently in her adopted home, Ireland. In 2006 and 2007 her works were shown in Dublin at Oisin Gallery’s summer exhibitions and she had solo exhibition at the gallery, “Les Notes Bleues.”, 2007 as well as participating in  the 15th Rencontre des Arts Plastiques in Nogent- le- Rotrou  The Dublin gallery, Hillsboro Fine Art, in company of Ben Shahn, Robert Motherwell and other well known artists.
In November 2010 the village of Bretoncelles (Orne) gave her a solo exhibition.

In London 2011 she participated in the Watercolour and Works on Paper fair with Sandra Higgins.

Her works are in private collections in England, France, Ireland, Italy and the United States.

All works are available through Sandra Higgins.
With special thanks to Nigel Murray for his generous support at this event.

Foundation for Iron and Steel Sculpture Opens at Ironbridge, 22 October 2011

A celebration on Saturday 22 October will launch of the Foundation for Iron and Steel Sculpture at Ironbridge. The Foundation, which has been running informally for 10 years, has already made a significant contribution to the arts and the local economy. The Foundations activities are now being extended to provide unique facilities and opportunities for artists, students and the general public. It will also provide vital support for art in engineering, manufacturing and architecture.

Foundation for Iron and Steel Sculpture Opens at Ironbridge
Visitors viewing one of the sculptures
Foundation for Iron and Steel Sculpture Opens at Ironbridge
An American and UK crew pour molten iron to make a sculpture at the Foundation
Foundation for Iron and Steel Sculpture Opens at Ironbridge
Foundry crew pouring molten iron to make a sculpture at the Foundation

The Foundation is situated within the Ironbridge Open Air Museum of Steel Sculpture, which is located in the historically appropriate district of Coalbrookdale. Designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO it is the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution with all that meant for the development of the iron and steel industries. The Museum home to an internationally renowned collection of over 70 large steel and iron sculptures by 29 artists displayed throughout 10 acres of beautiful Shropshire landscape. This launch event will be a special public open day from 2:00 pm onwards.

Visitors will be able to participate in guided tours of the Museum conducted by sculptors represented in the collection. A new CD Audio Publication featuring recordings by Pam Brown FRBS, the Museum’s Co-Founder and several of the sculptors associated with the collection has been produced for the day.

An exhibition of smaller works will also be on display within the onsite studio/workshop along with access to the collection of smaller works and maquettes by Roy Kitchin FRBS, the Museum Founder.

For art collectors over 170 works of art ranging from large steel sculptures to maquettes, drawings and prints will be for sale for the first time ever. The artists will be generously donating 50% of the proceeds towards the Foundations charitable fundraising efforts.

To find the foundation and participate in the launch celebrations, follow signs to Coalbrookdale Museums and then look for the signs to Museum of Steel Sculpture. The address is Cherry Tree Hill, Coalbrookdale, Telford, Shropshire, TF8 7EF. Telephone 01952 433152.

For further information about the Event contact: Sandra Higgins -

For further information about the Foundation contact: Philip Sweet –

For further information about the Museum contact: Pam Brown, Director -

Please visit for images and a schematic map of the location.

17 October 2011
Ofelia Rodriguez and 'magic' spaces

Ofelia Rodriguez and 'magic' spaces The works of Ofelia Rodríguez expose contemporary culture and identity through works which recall a life in London and Barranquilla.

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19 April 2011
Own a Ofelia Rodriguez original painting while helping Gt Ormond Street Hospital - a unique opportunity!

Ofelia RodriguezHarestyling is a very moving project launched by the famous hair stylist Michael Van Clarke and his wife whose little daughter Angelica needed lifesaving surgery as a newborn at Great Ormond Street Hospital. In gratitude, they have asked over 200 artists and celebrities from Tracey Emin to Princess Beatrice via Ofelia Rodriguez to contribute a painting of a hare - an Easter play on words!

All paintings are on an A4 canvas and can be viewed at the Heartbreak Gallery in Marylebone. It is an amazing testimony to creativity and originality. You can bid for the works of your choice online (see instructions on the attachment) or by attending the star-studded ball at the Dorchester on 26 May.

Heartbreak Gallery
17 Bulstrode Street
Marylebone W1U 2JH

From 16 April to 8 May
Open Mon-Sat 10am - 6pm and Sun 11am -4pm
Tube Station Bond Street (Jubilee and Central)
Tel: 020 3219 5170

For online bidding, please follow instructions on this leaflet. If you cannot make it into the gallery, then visit the virtual gallery on where you will also find details on the Heartbreak gallery, the Ball and the bidding process. Ofelia's work is # 205.

Bid generously to make sure you get that Ofelia painting you have always wanted! Thank you.

11 March 2011

Sandra Higgins has recently been appointed to act as the Events/Exhibitions and Marketing Advisor for MOSS, the Museum of Steel Sculpture near Coalbrooke, Shropshire.

In this capacity she will actively promote the museum and sell sculptures from both the existing collection (see MOSS sculptors under Artists) and those produced from future workshop to be run by the newly established Foundation for Iron and Steel Sculpture. The future activities will be designed to generate greater general public exposure for the work of the exhibiting artists and to increase exposure, accessibility and publicity for the Museum and Foundation. An open weekend is planned for Autumn 2011 with more information to follow.

The Museum has an ever-growing number of sculptures, currently over 70 by 29 artists. Representing the UK's only open air collection of iron and steel sculptures, it includes a substantial body of work by the Museum's Founder, Roy Kitchin, FRBS. The Museum achieves a sense of totality by being situated in the historically appropriate area of Coalbrookedale.

To visit or for further information please contact Sandra.

Museum of Steel Sculpture near Coalbrooke, Shropshire
Right: Roy Kitchin 'Steel Key II', 1990.