Richard Walker

"There was a brief and very exciting period in the mid 1970s when King's Rd, Chelsea was the coolest destination for young people wanting something new and urgent. The term 'Punk' was yet to be invented, but from '75 onwards there was something in the air: the style was initially '50s retro but mixed with pop, futurism and a trash aesthetic brought in from the USA. Now over 10 years since Swinging London and Flower Power, things were about to get edgy…again.

Music, art and fashion were about to change forever: Vivienne Westwood had opened her new 'fetish' shop 'SEX" at the World's End, other meeting places/ fashion emporia such as Acme Attractions (later BOY), Johnson & Johnson and Smile hairdressers were springing up. Patti Smith had just released her first 'proto-punk' album 'Horses' and Bowie was entering his experimental Berlin period, the Sex Pistols and The Clash were playing the 100 Club and new alternative nightclubs such as the Blitz and the Roxy were attracting an interesting group of influential people such as Derek Jarman, Andrew Logan and Gilbert and George.

These original screen prints produced between 1975 and 1978 celebrate this creative period. They are cheeky and irreverent, bright and bold - poking fun at celebrities of the day such as Bianca Jagger, Jerry Hall and even the love life of Princess Margaret! Andy Warhol, who had made his whole life an art form, was a big influence, and as one eminent art reviewer of the time commented, disapprovingly, themes of 'glamour, mayhem and gossip' were not worthwhile subject matter!

Things back then were a bit slapdash, chaotic and anarchic. There was a DIY spirit emerging and these works are actually the 'genuine articles' of a pre-digital era that foresaw the insane times we now live in..."

Richard Walker 2013

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