Patricia Poullain

"A propos of explaining one’s art…

I can put into words my aims and methods. For instance I am working on a flat, white plain. I am not trying to deceive the eye, perhaps to tease it a little. My own eye is certainly exercised a great deal as I stare at my canvas. I am fascinated with the backward forward movement of colours, also their very pronounced reactions to each other. Together with the use of the space and the balance of proportions, there is a whole world to work on. I change and change again colours from more to less saturation or vice versa. I re-work the forms and their proportions. Always bearing in mind that Matisse said ‘Plus c’est plat, plus c’est beau’. The more it is flat the more it is beautiful. And we are not out to trick the eye into seeing an illusion of depths or any kind of virtuoso. An artist needs to set himself limitations and remain as personal and identifiable as a signature."
Patricia Poullain 2011

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