Ofelia Rodriguez

Ofelia Rodriguez is a contemporary artist from Colombia, now living and working in London, whose paintings and boxes include snippets from folk-life in Latin America and simple oddities, surreal assemblages of found and ready-made objects. Her work is a mesh of magical realism, Latin Pop and kitsch art, using vivid tropical Caribbean colours. Observing her work is a chance to delve into imaginary fantasy worlds set in the Caribbean where myths, legends and popular traditions like sainthood intertwine with daily life. The result is art that is at times a critical look at the world in which Rodriguez lived, combined with an undercurrent of dark humour and irony lurking between the lines.

'My interest is in creating within my given space a visual world of color determined not only by the painting of big cliffs and flat surfaces of abstract color (sometimes strong and flamboyant and in brilliant combinations); but also by abandoning traditional modes of representation and contrasting these abstract forms with the cutting, the pasting and the stitching of real forms like painted photographed images, found and ready made objects, and sometimes relics (tokens of memory) and icons (including at times the insertion of personal ones like photocopies of the fragments of my own body, sometimes enlarged or reduced and painted in colors according to the needs of the composition of the canvas).'

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