Nina Dolan

Nina Dolan’s paintings are statements of belief; an exuberant act of witness to the glory of the world. Yet although the work is reminiscent of things seen they are not illustrative.

Giving the impression of shifting veils of paint Dolan's work engages firmly with materiality. Using a wide range of media, oils, acrylics and varnishes the application is always ingenious in each painting.

Images are triggered by perhaps a news item, or a piece of music. The work tell tales but the references to life are indirect and not descriptions.

'Wild at heart' with its vibrant swirling movement and extravagant linear rhythms is an inescapable reference to dance. It is no surprise that Nina Dolan herself trained as a dancer until she was 20. Dolan states:

"Consciously, all my work is about tension and chaos or harmony".

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