Dan Llywelyn Hall

Dan Llywelyn Hall graduated from the University of Westminster in 2003 and in the same year was awarded The Sunday Times Young Artist of the Year prize. Subsequently, he was shortlisted for the BP Portrait Award in 2009 and since then has continued to attract collectors from a variety of museums, public institutions, corporations as well as private individuals. The Cardiff born artist also currently has work on display at the National Gallery of Wales, the Imperial War Museum (London), the House of Lords, BT’s corporate collection, Barclays’ corporate collection, the Museum of Modern Art Wales and the Contemporary Art Society of Wales.The artist has recently completed a portrait of Her Majesty the Queen, commissioned by the Welsh Rugby Union.

As well as exploring portraiture, Llywelyn Hall's work displays his keen interest in landscape painting. His approach towards landscape painting is a crossover between two great traditions: boldly painted surfaces combine the Romantics’ attempt to embody human feeling and thought with the Expressionists’ raw quality of a form, and sense of immediacy. Llywelyn Hall takes the nostalgic vision of landscape painting and rejuvenates it with a free use of colour. In this way, he creates a new and authentic genre, making a significant contribution to the recent revival of landscape painting in Britain. His work owes much to the legacies of William Blake and Samuel Palmer, along with the Neo- Romantics of the 1940s such as John Piper, Michael Ayrton and Llywelyn Hall’s compatriot, David Jones. Agitated brushwork and simplified ornaments also expose the formative influences of Chaim Soutine and Henri Matisse.

"Dan Llywelyn Hall follows a tradition which first flourished amid the dreams of the Romantics. He is part of that visionary lineage of painters for whom landscape became an embodiment of human feeling [... yet] his paintings work to conjure a fresh, idiosyncratic and fundamentally modern mood." Rachel Campbell-Johnston, THE TIMES

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