Barrie Cook

Barrie Cook has been working in form and colour for over 60 years. He is masterly at combining vivid pigments many times in juxtaposition with dynamic forms applied to thecanvas using his unique semi-industrial spray gun process. Through this method, he achieves an extraordinary high degree of subtlety creating the illusion of movement and mystery.

Cook’s gradated bands play tricks on the eye - it is impossible to tell where the sprayed bars begin or end. In his larger paintings, the viewer is drawn into a physical space dominated by the work. His work has been described as being ‘rhythmic’, ‘pulsating’ and sonorous’.

"Painting is a way of thinking. Each picture requires its own special logic. I use paintings to hint at, or make manifest, the unseen and the intangible. I see them as an aid to contemplation and meditation." - Barrie Cook

Barrie Cook catalogue

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